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FROMM P329s Battery Operated Plastic Tool

The "S" in the name stands for SMART.  The slanted colour touch screen is in easy view of the operator and repels water & dust.  This 9.6lb tool can be set up for automatic or semi-automatic operation and is operated with just one hand.  The tool comes in three variations that handle strap from 5/8"x.026 through 3/4"x.053.  Try the P329S"W" model, and get Wireless features such as strap database management, firmware updating and service readouts.  The stock 4Ah battery gives up to 25% more cycles per charge than competing tools, and the optional 9Ah battery increases your running time from 80 minutes to 180 minutes! Check out the data sheet to see other valuable features and options including a wearing plates and cooling fans for extreme environments.


Signode BXT3 Hand Tool for Plastic Strapping

The latest generation of BXT tools have been designed in collaboration with some of the most demanding manufacturing plants from all over the world, ensuring that the BXT3 strapping hand tool consistently offers industry leading performance. The innovative integrated touch screen display allows users to easily change tool settings to suit their specific requirements. The display also provides a real time indication of the tension force being applied to the product as well as strap cycle completion.

Signode's NEW BXT3 tools have been completely redesigned from the very successful BXT2 line.  There are several new exciting features!  

The strapping process is now completely E-Controlled, which means using the full touch user interface you input the setting you want, and the tool does the rest, EVERY TIME.  You can even save your favouite setttings to access quickly with a press of a button whenever you like.  The new strap alignment indicator allows the operator to know that the next cycle won't be a wasted one and that'll reduce wasted strap.  The BXT3 line of tools have also been made lighter AND tougher.  You'll notice the ergonomic protective design with a new battery cover makes the tool easier to use and it will last longer.  There are fewer wear parts to this tool, which will make it easier to maintain and the improved performance will net you roughly 800 CYCLES PER BATTERY CHARGE.

CLICK HERE to visit the BXT3 website to learn everything you need to know about the tool.