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New Tools / Steel Tools
PN-2-114 Pneumatic Tensioner

The Signode PN-2-114 Tensioner for steel strapping is designed for use on 3/4" to 1 1/14" Apex and Magnus steel strapping in gauges up to .044".  The easy to use, lightweight, ergonomicly designed PN-2-114 Tensioner is a very reliable tool with unlimited strap take-up and uniform, precise tensioning up to 1,600lbs.

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PRHR-114 Pneumatic Combination Tool

The PRHR-114 Combination Tool is a double reverse notch sealer, using 114P seals, that is for use on 1 1/4" Magnus steel strapping in gauges up to .035".  The all metal and alloy parts, with minimal wearing parts, provide long-lasting, low maintenance operation.  The combination tool has an easy to handle ergonomic design making it a versatile tool ideal for angular and irregularly-shaped products.


The Signode PNSC-2-34 Pneumatic Push-Type steel strapping tool is designed for use on 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" regular or high tensile steel strapping. It's ideal for strapping slit coils, bundled tubes, and irregular-loads and has an easy two button operation. Combination tools are a tensioner, cutter, and sealer all in one, eliminating the need for extra tools.

PHDX-114 Tensioner

The PHDX-114 pneumatic tensioner is one of the most sought after tensioners for 1 1/4" steel strapping in the market.  Originally designed by Acme/Rapz, this tool has had staying power over the years.  Seamlessly operates with the PHDS-2 sealer.

PHDS Pneumatic Sealer

The PHDS 1 1/4" pneumatic sealer is the perfect companion for the PHDX-114 tensioner.  A very reliable tool originally produced by Acme/Rapz, this tool has stood the test of time.